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GSK brings the benefits of e-Invoicing to suppliers


By taking a holistic approach to e-Invoicing, GSK reduced the number of calls it receives from suppliers by 60% within a year. Hear Sue Coleman, P2P Process Owner, explain how GSK achieved this and why suppliers love the OB10 Portal.

Improving stakeholder engagement with e-Invoicing at HP


Having converted over 70% of its invoices to electronic, HP is not only enjoying the cost savings from process automation but is also improving its levels of stakeholder satisfaction. Hear Jeff Fiorini, Manager of P2P Process Transformation, explain how.

Straight-through processing at Kimberly-Clark


What does straight-through processing mean to you? Paul Parry, P2P Business Partner, talks about the role it plays with e-Invoicing at Kimberly-Clark and how they have achieved STP rates of nearly 80%.

Enrolling all suppliers to electronic invoicing at Alliance Data Systems


ADS has converted 76% of its targeted invoice volume to electronic in its first year. Todd Holcomb, Director Corporate Supplier Services, Alliance Data Systems, explains how it has achieved this success.

Peter Moller's eight levers of back-office transformation


Peter Moller, Partner at Deloitte, shares his advice to companies with shared services or outsourced functions by outlining his eight steps towards process-transformation success.

DHL's success with e-Invoicing


Gabrielle Philippens, Senior Process Consultant at DHL describes the benefits realised from e-Invoicing, including feedback from suppliers that they are being paid quicker. She also shares the financial savings to date.

Unilever's lessons learnt from rolling out e-Invoicing with OB10


Roland van den Bossche, Process Manager P2P and Supplier Integration, European Procurement at Unilever Europe, talks about the lessons he's learnt from rolling out e-Invoicing at Unilever.

How Kellogg's has achieved 85% electronic


Having converted 85% of Kellogg's invoices to electronic, John Gregory, Director of European Financial Shared Services, tells us how a tough supplier message and a joint effort from Finance and Procurement were critical to their success.